Current Data Release: DR2

HEAT's second data release (DR2) is rolling out out the week of 26 July through 1 August 2015. Contained in the master release is:

  • Nine strip maps slicing at constant declination through the Plane of the Galaxy from l=343 to l=299, covering 10 square degrees. The 3D spectral cubes are in the J=2-1 line of [CI] at 809.342 GHz and (shortly thereafter) CO J=7-6 at 806.652 GHz.
  • Square maps of 1 degree area at Galactic longitudes 328 and 332, in the same [CI] and CO lines.
  • One deep strip map through the Large Magellanic Cloud in [CI] and CO.
  • Site testing data consisting of radiometric skydips of the sky at 809 GHz and daily satellite mapping of the Antarctic plateau from the MHS instrument on NOAA-18 & NOAA-19 (microwave soundings) and AIRS (infrared soundings).

Science products are standard 3D FITS cubes with spatial resolution of 2.5' at 809 GHz, 1.5' at 1.5 THz and 1.0' at 1.9 THz. Regridded velocity resolution is always 0.5 km/s per channel, and sensitivity at 809 GHz is 0.1 K km/s or better. To save a data file, choose the "Save Link As" option in your web browser (typically right-click or Control-click).

Citation line: As these data are being publically released prior to publication, please contact Craig Kulesa and Michael Ashley before publishing. Once our main survey data paper is published, this text will be replaced by the citation that we ask you to reference when using these data. Thank you!

DR2 product: Strip Maps of the Galactic Plane in [CI] J=2-1 and CO J=7-6

To enable the most efficient use of a drift-scanning telescope at constant azimuth, HEAT maps the Galaxy by accumulating data on a series of strips of constant declination. Starting as one-dimensional strips, over time the strip maps accumulate, gaps gradually get filled in and eventually a complete Galactic Plane map will result.

[CI] cubes are available now in DR2; CO 7-6 cubes will be available shortly.

Description File Size
l=300 to l=307, b=-1 to 0, v=-60 to 40 km/s HEAT-DR1-G303.5-CI.fits 5.8 MB
l=307 to l=314, b=1 to -1, v=-75 to 45 km/s HEAT-DR1-G310.5-CI.fits 26.5 MB
l=314 to l=318, b=1 to -1, v=-80 to 30 km/s HEAT-DR1-G316.5-CI.fits 10.9 MB
l=319 to l=322, b=1 to -1, v=-90 to 30 km/s HEAT-DR1-G321.0-CI.fits 13.4 MB
l=324 to l=327, b=1 to -1, v=-120 to 0 km/s HEAT-DR1-G325.0-CI.fits 7.9 MB
l=329 to l=331, b=1 to -1, v=-120 to 0 km/s HEAT-DR1-G330.0-CI.fits 7.2 MB
l=333 to l=335, b=1 to -1, v=-135 to 20 km/s HEAT-DR1-G334.0-CI.fits 7.0 MB
l=339 to l=341, b=1 to -1, v=-135 to 20 km/s HEAT-DR1-G340.0-CI.fits 5.7 MB
l=342 to l=343, b=1 to -1, v=-140 to 20 km/s HEAT-DR1-G342.5-CI.fits 5.4 MB

DR2 product: Targeted Square Maps of the Galactic Plane in [CI] J=2-1 at 809.342 GHz and CO J=7-6 at 806.652 GHz

To enable early results on some 2D maps while the Galactic Plane strip maps are still quite narrow, selected square regions are being mapped scanning in Galactic coordinates. Two such regions that lay between the strip maps are being released for DR1: one at l=328 and another around l=332.5.

Integrated intensity map of [CI] 809 GHz around l=328 MPG channel map movie of atomic carbon emission around l=328 (click to open or save)
Description File Size
l=327.7 to 328.7, b=-0.5 to 0.5, v=-120 to 0 km/s HEAT-DR1-G328.0-CI.fits 2.8 MB
l=332.0 to 333.0, b=-0.5 to 0.5, v=-140 to 20 km/s HEAT-DR1-G332.5-CI.fits 3.4 MB

DR2 product: Terahertz Site Testing Data

Coming with DR2 by 1 August!