Current Conditions

UTC Date : 21h on 20 December 2019
(2 AM local Ridge A time)
1m air Temperature : -38C (-36F)
1m winds (est'd) : E at 5 kt
Atm. Pressure : 594 mbar (very high)
Altimeter setting : 29.06 in Hg
Pressure altitude : 4280 meters (14,100 ft)
Precip. water / wx : 0.52 mm SKC

Latest Webcam Montage

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Area Weather Summary

Updated 20Z, 20 December 2019

Clear skies and light winds for most of the forecast period. An increase in moisture on the 22nd from the North and on the 24th from the South may bring periods of thin scattered clouds and ice crystals.

5 Day Forecast

Updated 20Z, 20 December 2019

20 Dec Clear with light easterly breezes 0-5 kt and temperatures between -31C and -39C.
21 Dec Clear with breezes becoming northerly at 0-5 kt and temperatures between -30C and -38C.
22-24 Dec Chance of a few clouds and ice crystals on the 22nd and 24th as weak moisture impulses wash over the summit. Little impact is expected. Breezes will be night and variable from 0 to 10 kt from the North to East and temperatures will be -30C to -38C.

Forecast images

Current AMPS models for the following parameters. Click one to view full-scale.

  • Surface conditions (temperature and winds)
  • Surface winds
  • Winds and relative humidity aloft, 3000 ft above ground (900m)
  • Temperature and winds at 16 kft (4.9 km)
  • Surface altimeter setting (barometric pressure corrected to sea level)
  • Cloud coverage and heights