Current Conditions

UTC Date : 20h on 12 August 2017
(1 AM local Ridge A time)
1m air Temperature : -60C (-76F)
1m winds (est'd) : W at 15 kt
Atm. Pressure : 566 mbar
Altimeter setting : 27.81 in Hg
Pressure altitude : 4650 meters (15,300 ft)
Precip. water / wx : 0.14 mm IC
Receiver Status : 809 GHz : (ON)
492 GHz : (OFF)
1497 GHz : (ON)
FFT Spectrometer : (ON)

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Area Weather Summary

Updated 00Z, 12 August

Recent nice weather will give way to a windy impulse from the NW on the 12th before settling back down again to seasonal conditions.

5 Day Forecast

Updated 00Z, 12 August

12 August Windy with a mixture of clear skies and scattered cloouds at times. Breezes will be NW at 20 kt, dropping to 15 kt by end of the day. Temperatures will remain around -60C.
13 August Rapidly calming winds and clearing skies. Breezes will drop to 5-10 kt from the N and temperatures will be in the -60C to -65C range.
14-16 Aug Clear skies and light winds for the remainder of the forecast period. Temperatures will remain in the -65C to -75C range. Breezes are likely to be near calm on the 16th.

Forecast images

Current AMPS models for the following parameters. Click one to view full-scale.

  • Surface conditions (temperature and winds)
  • Surface winds
  • Winds and relative humidity aloft, 3000 ft above ground (900m)
  • Temperature and winds at 16 kft (4.9 km)
  • Surface altimeter setting (barometric pressure corrected to sea level)
  • Cloud coverage and heights